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Where am I ?

In here you will be able to find the useful information about your project, the team, the quality practices and more.

If you are looking for our WS it's here

That's my first day! (smile)

Welcome new bro or sis! On your first day you will have some things to do to get familliar with us. And the first things is to find out what everybody is doing! Explore the Confluence and ask your new colleagues. Then here is the things you have to do.

  • Make sure Tu Truong created you professional email and only use this one for now
  • Make sure you can access to Jira and Confluence but if you are reading this I assume you have access to Confluence. 
  • On Confluence, Add an avatar and create a "Personal Space". In this space speak about you so everybody can know more about you., Ask your colleagues if you don't know how to do it 
  • Make sure you have an access to Slack, and leave a big Hello followed by a joke in the #random group
  • Make sure you have an access to Kimai and ask Yoann how to record your time
  • Read this page and pay particular attention to the company rules
  • Explore our knowledge sharing space in confluence (find it by yourself (wink))

Thanks for joining us!


Jira Project Management

  • Track Project Tasks/Bugs/Time
  • Important for project
  • Some client have their own

Kimai Time Tracking

  • Time Tracking
  • Center of all time tracking
  • Important for billing


  • Internal communication
  • Documentation


  • Used by our clients to report bugs
  • Only accessible for Account Managers
    and project managers

Neotiq WebMail

  • Only use your pro mail
  • imap.1and1.fr 993 SSL
  • smtp.1and1.com 587 TLS

Rocket Chat

  • Daily communication
  • Minimum 1 channel per project
  • Ask whatever you need


  • For calls with the clients
  • Calls can be recorded


  • For calls with client
  • External communication

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